Ваthroom is a special place at every home. It caters for vigour of mind and body in the morning and helps to gain feeling of cleanliness and ease after a day full of worries. Synthetics let you achieve the maximum comfort in your bathroom.

Warm Stone
Synthetical stone is always warm on the touch, which is especially important when we speak about the bathroom. You can feel that when touching and, even, looking at its surface.

Resistant to Damages
Why should you bother about falling of heavy metal objects and vials made from the thick glass into the bath? The material is practically resistant to the mechanical damages. In case, the product gets damaged, with the help of the special acrylic glue it can be repaired in a jiffy. Cracks never appear in the synthetics, at the same time it is considerably lighter than the natural stones, which makes transportation and assembly easier than ever.

Hygiene Promotes Better Health
Lack of pores prevents bacterium and fungi from growing. This is especially important in a large family and when the bathroom is used by the guests. The synthetics is easily washable and not afraid of any washing stuff.