The possibilities for using artificial stone in public spaces are unlimited. This material has its place in fine boutiques and modern restaurants, sports halls and airports.

Increased endurance
When choosing materials for public spaces, the load arising from the movement of large crowds must be taken into account, and therefore stricter requirements must be set for the strength and service life of interior design materials.

First class beauty
Truly unlimited possibilities for the implementation of architectural and design ideas provide a huge selection of colors and nuances.

The artificial stone has a homogeneous composition throughout its thickness, allowing inlaying or engraving of logos and realizing other interior design concepts. Where other materials have long since lost their original shine and surface structure, unable to withstand the load caused by a large flow of visitors, the strength of the stone and the elasticity of the acrylic material allow it to maintain an impeccable appearance.

However, if an unpredictable situation has arisen, it is almost impossible to imagine a material that would be more convenient to process and restore. Thanks to this feature, it meets all the business needs that can arise quite often in our rapidly changing world.