The synthetic Kerrock, Corian®, Avonite and LG HI-MACS are extremely popular in use. The wide scope of application allow to implement the most original designer solutions — varying from single elements tо the complex monolithic projects, though it is not only beauty that matters.

Кitchen furniture is constantly in the contact with water, salts, оrganic substances and washing liquids. Due to the unique operational properties, synthetics makes the ideal material for use in kitchen.

Tabletop from synthetics will be less exposed to any mеchanical, thermal, chemical or any other action. Synthetic products are durable. Surfaces of some kinds of synthetics can resist shock from a metal ball weighing 2 kg, dropped from the height of 1.55 metres.

The synthetic surface, unlike surface from the natural stone, is warm on the touch. The opportunity to approach individually to the solution of your project allows to built a sink into the tabletop as „jointless”, and thus the sink can smoothly turn into the table, walls and even windowsill. It means, you will completely avoid in your kitchen some of the most frequent sources of dirt such as joints between the furniture and the stove, the furniture and the walls, and the area around the sink.

Tabletops can be made in any shapes, and that means you can use the space of your kitchen with maximum effectiveness.

Cleanliness and Comfort
Due to the absolute lack of pores, sink is resistant to getting wet, collecting bacterium or keeping food smells. Synthetic products are also resistant to the temperature fluctuations, acids, alkalis and gloomy mood.

Individual Solutions
The colour grade includes a variety of colours and shades, imitations of different natural materials, and also different embeddings. It means, your kitchen naturally becomes the reflection of your inner world and desires. You can decorate your kitchen, choose the favourable shape and colour grade.