Everybody should know, that medical establishments have higher and more strict demands not only to the quality of the equipment and tools, but also to the interior trim.

High Hygienic Factors
Оne of the main properties of the synthetics is its hygienic properties. Synthetics has long ago established application in the sphere of the public health service: in hospitals, laboratories and different clinics. The solid structure without pores eliminates presence of bacterium, makes it easy in care and absolutely hygienically safe.

Broad Scope of Application
Various synthetic elements are easily glued together with the help of glue made on the foundation identical to the main material, that ensures absolutely equal seams and joints. Thanks to this fact, it is possible to finish the large areas: laboratories and surgeries, avoiding traditional places for the accumulation of dirt — joints, seams and corners, that make cleaning and tidying in the rooms a difficult procedure.

Simple in Processing
Synthetics is hоmogeneous through its entire thickness, it do not wear away as the years go by, and preserves the original appearance. It is easily repaired and transformed, extended and reduced. It is harmless, inflammable and does not fume.