Kerrock, Corian®, Avonite and LG HI-MACS are the composite materials on the basis of polymethylmetacrilate with the aluminium hydroxide filler. These components make the material both hard and pore-free and structurally homogenous. Surfaces from Kerrock, Corian®, Avonite and LG HI-MACS cannot be damaged by spilled liquids or stains. Seamless connection excludes seams and joints — the places where dirt is traditionally accumulated. Due to their nature, Kerrock, Corian®, Avonite and LG HI-MACS are easily cleaned, and taking care of them is effortless.

Taking care of the synthetics is extremely easy. As it, unlike the natural stone, is pore-free, any dirtiness can be removed with a help of a soft cloth and non-abrasive detergent.

Daily Cleaning
Use common non-abrasive detetgent. Clean the surface with a sponge in circular movements.

Hygienic Treatment of Sink
Clean sink as follows: Fill in the sink with warm water and add 100-200 grams of bleacher. Leave for 1hour, next discharge water.

General Recommendations:
– By nature, Kerrock, Corian®, Avonite and LG HI-MACS — are “renewable” materials as they possess stable structure and colour homogeneity through the whole thickness. Most damages, including after-effects of the strong shocks, impacts of high temperatures or chemicals, as a rule, can be repaired on-the-spot and the original smooth and hygienic hard surface can be quickly restored. However, if you want the surface to retain the original appearance as long as possible, not bothering you with extra troubles, use carving boards and mats for protection from hot objects.
– Avoid sudden temperature drops in the sink. While discharging boiling water into the sink, open the cold water tap.