It is hard to overestimate the meaning of the first impression for a hotel visitor. Normally, appearance of the reception, receptionist or bar counter may form the first and the further attitude towards the place of visit. The clean and even surfaces, the fresh and flawless looks of the furniture and elements of decor will transform the occasional visitor into the permanent customer. Opting for the synthetics and products from synthetics is usually done due to its universality, the flawless functionality and considering aesthetic reasons.

Resistant to Mechanical Exposure
A stand from the synthetics is practically resistant to the mechanical exposure — it cannot be scratched, cracked, sagged and is easily (using acrylic glue) restored, if you need the repairs.

In addition, one shoud also pay attention to the exceptional chemical properties of the synthetics. It is tolerant to the fluctuations in temperature, it neither burns nor acidifies, and is neutral.

Retains the Appearance
The unbeatable value of the synthetics lies in the total lack of absorbtion. This property naturally keeps your furniture in the undamaged condition, but what’s more – it prevents from penetration and reproduction of the opportunistic pаthogenic bacterium and mycetology. As a result, such surface can be easily and steadily cleaned, ideally washed, it keeps neither stains of dirt nor smells, remains unexposed to attacks of acids, alkalis and food.

Suits All Tastes
The fabrication tecnique allows to embody the craziest designer’s ideas and the most sophisticated wishes of a demanding customer. 100s of the colour solutions, textures, patterns, and mosaics help to find the optimal solution for everybody as well as for every existing interior.

The range of shapes is unlimited, too. There is nothing impossible, any solution according to your needs and the aim of the interior is welcome.