A: In everyday life it is called „synthetics”. This is the composite material on the foundation of acrylic, perfect for the manufacture of surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms with the high hygienic requirements, where the physical and chemical overstability is a must. The material is effectively applied practically in every part of the interior due to its absolutely endless design options as well as the broad colour palette. It is also used in the exterior application.

A: There are considerable major advantages of the synthetics such as the monolithic stature of product, it is easy in care due to the pore-free structure, the material is notable for practically invisible, intangible places of seams and the broad colour palette, the synthetics preserves excellent appearance even after the long-term and intensive use, in addition, all the merits are combined with practically endless possibilities for design.

A: Every material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our aim is to choose the material, whose advantages are essential to us while disadvantages are really unimportant. Both natural stone and synthetics possess the general and varying properties. Among the valuable properties of the synthetics can be named the monolithic stature of products of any shape and configuration, absolute pore-free structure, ensuring the ultimate hygiene and easy care, the restoration of surface during its functioning plus endless design possibilities.

A: The surfaces Avonite, LG Hi-Macs, Kerrock and DuPont™ Corian® are really functional, and in order to use them you do not actually need any practical knowledge. Absolutely every detergent for surfaces, which can be bought in an appliance shop, is welcome for cleaning. The arsenal of routine care for the synthetics contains not only the simply good, but also the extremely good cleaning methods. The most effective of them are described in detail in the section “Cleaning”.

A: The Avonite collection “Foundation” — is the cheaper equivalent оf the material DuPont™ Corian®, which is distinguished by the great value for money. The Avonite “Studio” — material, providing suprisingly deep and attractive colours, unobtainable in other collections. What is especially worth of mentioning – these are its original semi-transparent colours and colours with the crystal grains of metal. The properties of the Avonite „Studio” material are slightly different from the properties of the other collections, that is why, prior choosing, we recommend you to consult our specialist about the purpose of use.

A: If one of the materials was better than the others, we would offere only that particular outstanding material. However, all of them are really the high-class materials, so we will specify the strengths of each. DuPont™ Corian® — number one among the products, it commands the broader colour palette, offers greater additional options, and is more resistant to the exposure of the aggressive chemicals. Among the colours of Kerrock dominate the monocоloured varieties. Kerrock has proved itself extremely advantegeous in manufacture of the smaller projects like surfaces for bathrooms. The Avonite „Foundation” is the most accessible of these beautiful materials, and though it offers fewer colours than DuPont™ Corian® or Kerrock, and it seems to lack the opportunity for the innovative experiments, however, you can still choose from either classical, or modern and entirely practical colour solutions. The Avonite «Studio» — visually more attractive choise of colours with the touch of exclusivity.

A: Of course, the material is scratchable — every object sooner or later meets with the harder material. Unlike other materials, used for the manufacture of work surfaces, the scratches on DuPont™ Corian®, Avonite, LG Hi-Macs and Kerrock are self-polishing in the process of the daily use. As the material has the same colour through the entire thickness, it cannot fade over time. In the spots, constantly exposed to treatment, we recommend to pick out from the practical colours, which are neither too dark nor too bright. In case of more serious and deeper damages the surface can be repaired and polished again, directly on-the-spot.

A: The DuPont™ Corian®, Avonite, LG Hi-Macs and Kerrock surfaces are quite self-contained in the everyday life and do not require the regular polishing. Re-polishing may be necessary in case of more significant mechanical damages, as well as for the very dark or very bright surfaces. Re-polishing is done on-the-spot, and is dirt-free.

A: Practically, each damage can be repaired and functioning of the object restored, in most cases on-the-spot. If for repairs is used the new material, there is a possibility that a very attentive person, if he knows where the repairs were done, can notice traces of work, but, nevertheless, it doesn’t influence functioning and durability of the object.

A: All materials that we offer come with the ten-year guarantee. It means that the manufacturer is responsible for the sound permanent quality of properties and colour of the material for years. The ten-year guarantee speaks well for the excellent quality of the materials and confidence of their manufacturer in the desired result. The production of our company is under the warranty for 36 months.

A: These materials make a really worthwhile investment when we talk about public rooms and the commercial application. As the material do not acquire scratches, it retains the fresh and attractive appearance for dozens of years even when exposed to the enormous stress. The care is really easy, no specialist knowledge is necessary. Damages are repaired in short time. Graffiti and other painting stuff can be polished out in a jiffy. Modification of the products — elongation, shortening, change of configuration are easily made. That is the reason why products from the synthetics have achieved the immense worldwide popularity.