Which restaurant can you consider as a good one? The restaurant where you want to return again and again. That’s why owners of the catering businesses together with designers strive to create the unique interiors and friendly relaxed atmosphere.

To Designer’s Help
The absolute impression can be created with a help of the colourful palette, providing the endless variety of the colour cоmbinations. Fresh and unprecedented designer opportunities — engravings, highlighting, colour combinations make synthetics irreplaceable in work of the modern interior designer.

Rich Chоise of Combinations
The synthetics is ideal for various work surfaces. Whatever Your designer’s idea will be — simple, соmplex, or with a touch of colour accents – the synthetics is able to help dreams come true! Successfully integrated with other materials — stainless steel, wood or glass, the synthetics transforms into sinks, basins, windowsills, wall flashings and other work surfaces without seams or joints.

Due to its pore-free and homogeneous structure, it prevents spotting and dirtying, considerably facilitating the daily care and allowing the long-standing preservation of the original appearance.